2020 Social Media Trends

January… A new year, with new opportunities to get started on the right foot. We are full of motivation, drive and excitement of what the year has in store for our business. 

If you are anything like a majority of businesses out there, you might be at a loss of where to start when it comes to your social media strategies for 2020.

Hot digital trends form and change in a blink of an eye. 

How are you to keep up? 

We have compiled a list of some of the top digital trends to be aware of and implement this year. 


Social media has changed drastically. Instagram used to be all about beautiful pictures that were sure to gain you followers and engagement. It is no longer just about a pretty photo, it is now about what you have to say. It’s time to engage with your following and tell a story. 

“Likes” are a thing of the past now. You are still able to view your likes but this is no longer visible to others. As a brand, you want to find a way to adapt to this change. Audiences want meaningful connections with the people and companies they follow. They want to see the brands they like doing something that directly affects them or the causes that they care about. 


Instagram’s features of IGTV and stories are now a sure fire way to gain engagement with your following. Recent studies show that Instragam video posts gain 2x the engagement of other post types. The great thing about the videos is that you can tell a story with them. This really enables you to find new ways to increase engagement with your brand and reach a larger audience. All social media platforms are investing heavily into video, so it might be time to jump on this bandwagon.


TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity, especially with GenZ. GenZ’s are tech-savvy, craving innovation, personalization, brand purpose and transparency. We highly recommend keeping an eye on this social platform or jump on the TikTok bandwagon.  That is, if you think this would be a place you could communicate with your customers. Brands are already on this platform utilizing it to their advantage. TikTok currently has 500+ Million users and was the third most downloaded app in 2019. 


Influencers with large followings are no longer the target of brands. Brands are now more interested and looking at building relationships with the Micro Influencer. Unlike macro influencers, using Micro influencers will equal closer relationships and better engagement. More brands will be connecting with nano influencers, which are accounts with even a smaller following than Micro with only a couple thousand followers. 


According to Sprout social and the research they have done, user generated content will be one of the top social media trends this year. User generated content involves establishing a connection with your audience through customer content. This will encourage a constant stream of content from your followers. Why not create a personal hashtag to your brand and allow your customers to showcase your brand for you. Better yet, add in a giveaway where your followers use your hashtag on a story image to gain even more engagement on your brand. There are so many opportunities here.  

Rethink what social platforms deserve your attention this year. 

With so many social platforms out there, you really should think about what platforms deserve your attention. What platform will reach your audience and gain your brand engagement? Really focus on your top two. It is crucial to understand how you are utilizing your time and what will bring you the best results. Being on all platforms will drain you and not bring out the best results with your social strategy.

Take some time to really look at where you can reach your audience best. 

We hope that you will take away a few of these trends for 2020 and integrate them into your social media strategy. Really think about what you can do to make 2020 your year. 

What are your goals for your social media strategy this year?

We would love to hear!

-Melissa Schalk


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