A New Way of Working: Marketing Expertise Is Within Reach with the Gig Economy


Not every company launches a product line or offers a new service on a regular basis, but every company requires some level of marketing support – whether it’s ensuring that a website is employing SEO best practices, sending a newsletter to established customers and interested prospects, or networking to discover new opportunities, to name just a few. For all these “business as usual” tasks, organizations need specialized support that is cost-effective and able to meet deadlines.

More and more organizations are discovering that the professionals who can best serve them do not solely work as fulltime employees or for traditional agencies. In fact, for a variety of reasons, many of these professionals are actively seeking a more flexible alternative to the 9-to-5 paradigm. Management is able to reap the benefit of this gig economy trend in marketing by trimming their staffing bottom line, while availing themselves of a more specialized talent pool.

Another benefit of this model is that entities who couldn’t otherwise afford these specialized marketing services are now able to achieve objectives and results that were previously out of reach. These entities include not only startups exclusively focused on their core competencies, but also municipal agencies and nonprofits with low marketing budgets. This broader client set effectively expands the marketing industry’s client base when met with the gig economy model.

The agency isn’t going away: for large, multinational corporations undertaking a campaign that needs to synchronize messages across multiple brands, a large agency might be the best choice. Nor is the function of marketing management, although it is increasingly focused on metrics and less on creative and content. As technological advances have made it possible to target potential customers at a granular level, clients of all sizes are demanding data that shows the effectiveness of every campaign—and proof that every dollar they’ve spent has yielded value.

The ability to access expertise that might otherwise have been unavailable in the marketplace can give companies a unique advantage. A smaller team comprised of such resources established to meet specific, time-sensitive marketing needs can be the most effective solution for companies of all sizes. The trend is clear: gig marketing is part of the answer to meeting your most strategic business needs.

— Deborah Nam-Krane

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